Restore Contacts & Calendar Items

Seeking for a result-driven solution that could help in restoring back entire crucial contacts and appointments.” Bharat Gidwani
Client’s Overview

Promoseven Sports Marketing is privately held company that specializes in sports marketing. They have proven record in managing all sorts of sports related activities like organizing events, and market them in the regions of Middle East and Asia. They help their clients with innovative marketing opportunities to establish lasting connections with target audience. All their efforts roam around the contacts they have made till now.


GM of the company was trying to access the contacts of existing clients, but failed as his Exchange Server Mailbox crashed abruptly. As a result, he lost all the contacts. The total count of contacts was more than 2400. Quite a big loss it is to bear. The problem didn’t end here. His phone was directly synchronized with email. When synchronization with the new server was done, all his existing contacts automatically wiped out from his phone as well. The only option left was to restore the data from the GM’s old profile OST.


The crash of Exchange Server Mailbox resulted due to the corruption issues. To regain all the important contacts in GM’s mailbox back, the IT manager of Promoseven Sports Marketing – Mr. Bharat G purchased the licensed version of for Exchange Server. He was impressed with the interactive interface of software. When the tool was installed successfully, all the contacts and calendar items were restored to their GM’s mailbox and phone, which further helped him nurture relationship with the existing customers.