Resolve MS Exchange EDB Error

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Data Recovery Resolved EDB Error Issue that Restricted the Access to Database


The client was facing a Jet Database Engine error (“Error 4294966746: JET_errDatabaseInconsistent”) when trying to restore the Exchange server database (.edb files) from offline backup. The problem exaggerated when the client tried to run information store integrity utility (Isinteg) to resolve the issue.


The client was using Exchange Server 5.5 version, where the database (pub1.edb and priv1.edb files) turns inconsistent. As a result, Exchange Server refused to read the information from it. Finally, the information store went completely hanged up and reached to 100% CPU usage level. When the client tried to boot up the MS Server information Store Service, it abruptly stopped. The client had no clue about the halting of information store. As a consequence of this unwanted error, the client was unable to send or retrieve email messages, which overall hampered the productivity of the staff present at client site.


When client approached Data Recovery Company, the client was deeply concerned about the issues of data loss caused due to jet database engine errors. Data Recovery team went for an in-depth analysis to reach to out the root of the problem. The team found out that the main cause of this issue was dirty shutdown of Exchange Server. The problem exaggerated and finally resulted in the crash of information store database, when the client attempted to access the corrupt database.


Without any further delay, for data recovery experts examined the complete case of the client. The team experts performed various tests to verify the consistency of the information store databases. The recovery team first of all ran the Eseutil.exe command-line tool to check the consistency of private and public information store database. The team performed the tests to observe the severity of the issue and followed these two commands on command prompt:

c:\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /mh..\mdbdata\priv.edb and
c:\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /mh ..\mdbdata\pub.edb.

Thereafter, ran other commands to verify the output

\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /mh ..\mdbdata\priv.edb> mypriv.txt and
c:\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /mh ..\mdbdata\pub.edb> mypub.txt.

After evaluating the problem, the message was apparent and hence for Data Recovery team came up with a robust and cost-effective solution to deal with all stubborn issues of jet engine database errors, even including this error message:

“Error 4294966746: JET_errDatabaseInconsistent”.

The client was simply impressed by the usage of for Exchange Server Recovery software, as it took very less time and effort to fix the issue encountered in Exchange Server database. The Exchange Server recovery software has got many powerful features that assures accurate data recovery without disturbing the integrity and originality of data.

The solution provided by Data Recovery was very effective as it performed the complete recovery of EDB files to PST files (for MS Outlook). The client was too impressed by the performance of the tool as it also allowed migrating of the restored data to Live Exchange Server. Also, the client was pleased with the other options supported by software like filtering of items; multiple saving options including MSG (Unicode & ANSI), EML, RTF, HTML and Text.


Data Recovery proposed all-in-one solution to deal with the critical issues and errors of Exchange Server Database corruptions. The client’s issues were resolved within a matter of a few minutes and with utmost convenience. If opted the free or conventional methods for EDB file recovery, the client would not have resolved the issue of Jet database engine error with such ease and in quick time.