How to Bring Exchange to Clean Shutdown state

Using Eseutil to Bring Exchange Database to Clean Shutdown State

A Clean Shutdown state is a minimum requirement for the database to mount successfully. A database is said to be in Clean Shutdown state if it has been dismounted correctly with all the transactions in log files committed to the database. Generally, a database in Clean Shutdown state mounts easily without any troubles. And if the database is in Dirty Shutdown state and fails to mount, it must be brought back to Clean Shutdown state.

A Dirty Shutdown state of the database usually means that transaction log(s) of your database (most probably, the current log) is missing. The best method to repair your database and bring it into Clean Shutdown state is Extensible Storage Engine Utility i.e. Eseutil.exe. It comes with Exchange server installation and verifies the state of Exchange database and respective log files. Using this inbuilt Exchange utility, you can identify the state your database – if it is in a Dirty Shutdown state or Clean Shutdown Sate. The Eseutil command that will work for you is:

eseutil /mh “database name.edb”

Once the Dirty Shutdown state is confirmed for your database, it’s time you move to the repair operation. Eseutil offers the user with two recovery modes including:

  • Soft Recovery
  • Hard Recovery

Soft Recovery
It can be executed with eseutil /r “database path” wherein you need to specify the path of the database on which you wish to perform soft recovery.

Hard Recovery
If the soft recovery doesn’t work, you will have to look forward to hard recovery. It can be performed using eseutil /p “database path’.

Though there can be many situations in which the Exchange data is not accessible, the Hard Recovery method is not always recommended. The problem that one cannot avoid data loss while using it. Also, Exchange Server administrators may not find enough time to fix many issues using this inbuilt utility.  So it is recommended as the last resort only. However, if your Exchange data is not accessible because of EDB file corruption, you can rely on third-party tools like EDB to PST Converter for extracting data from the corrupt file. This tool can perform flawless recovery as well as the migration of your database files to a safer location in minimal possible time. In addition, it is a user-friendly tool too.

The Bottom Line
Exchange Database may go to Dirty Shutdown state when transaction log files of a database go missing, mostly the current one. This blog will guide you to bring your database into Clean Shutdown state, and also to recover the data from inaccessible databases.

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