How to Fix “The database files in this storage are inconsistent” Error in MS Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is the most reliable Email Server for storing user mailbox data. Exchange Server stores user data in private as well as public information databases. However, due to some reasons, the user is unable to mount this database store information and reason would be the corruption in the database. While you are unable to mount the database you will encounter an error code

“The database files in this storage are inconsistent Id no: c1041739”

To encode this error code you need to run Eseutil command which is as follows:

eseutil /mh “c:\\Mailbox_Storefilename.edb”

After running above command you will find that the status of the database in the log is Dirty Shutdown. Now you have to fix this dirty shutdown so that you can continue the database mounting. Now let’s know what is consistency and inconsistency in Exchange database.

Consistency in Exchange Database

The Consistency in Exchange Database can be defined as the changes which are done in log files are immediately reflected in Exchange Database. Like if Exchange Administrators wants to do some changes in Exchange database or wants to modify the database. So, Administrator has to write all the changes in Log files and after that those changes are reflected in Exchange database then you can remove or deleted log files then it is called consistency in Exchange database.

Inconsistency in Exchange Database

The inconsistency in Exchange Database is the process as administrator is doing some changes in the database then first of all he has to write the changes in log files and then those changes will be reflected in Exchange database. Once the reflection is obtained then you can remove log files but if you removed the logs before its changes are being reflected in the database then it is called inconsistency in Exchange database and due to this inconsistency you have to encounter many errors.

The reason behind the error

There is the main reason behind this error is like there are inconsistencies in Exchange database and when you are trying to mount the database it will get fails due to these inconsistencies.

Workaround to error

You can fix Database inconsistency error manually in two fundamental ways.

  1. Restores back your database if you have updated your database backup store regularly. If you will have any inconsistency issue with the Exchange database then restoration is the best option to get back all your data.
  2. If you don’t have updated database backup then you cannot restore it. The last option remains for you is to repair your Exchange database. You can repair your database manually so; let’s know what the manual procedure to repair it is.
    1. Initially you need to check the status of the database by running “eseutil/mh” so check whether it is in dirty shutdown or not.
    2. If database is in dirty shutdown then perform soft recovery with “ESEUTIL /r enn /L[path to log files] /s[path to checkpoint file] /d[path to database file] /I” command.
    3. Then perform hard recovery with “eseutil/p” command to make your database clean.
    4. After this repair your Exchange mailbox “New-MailboxRepairRequest”.
      After all these commands all your database is successfully repaired.

Professional solution – Exchange Server Recovery Tool

The EDB to PST Converter is specially designed software to resolve all Exchange related issues. It offers a hassle-free solution to all Exchange problems. If you have a damaged Exchange database, then you can quickly repair it with the Exchange Server recovery tool. With this software you can also migrate your EDB files, Live Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes from source to the desired destination. It has more salient features like

  • Offers EDB files, Exchange and Office 365 mailbox migration
  • Migrates public folders and archive mailboxes to the desired destination
  • Offers to a search of specific email items with specific criteria
  • Restores mailboxes in specific backup file which restores later
  • Generates preview of entire mailbox data before saving

Repairing damaged EDB files with a manual technique is a complicated and hectic task. It’s better to use an automated approach for it. The Exchange Server tool has numerous features for repairing Exchange Database files. Moreover, this software is straightforward to use for all end users and has extensive compatibility with all the versions of Exchange Server, Windows OS and Office 365 Editions.

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