Eseutil and Isinteg alternative EDB to PST Converter

In the world of email communication, Microsoft Exchange server stands at the top as a leader especially among organizations who consider email security a prime factor. Plus, the fast email communication with many other benefits is provided by Microsoft Exchange server. To provide organizations and their employees with many benefits, the server uses a database file named Exchange Database file (.edb file) to store users’ details including email addresses, their properties, and much more.

Until this .edb file works well, you enjoy hassle free communication, but once this file is damaged, everything comes to a halt. Your data becomes inaccessible; you cannot receive emails of clients; you cannot send messages to them; you do not receive calendar updates, and almost everything goes into the danger zone.

The edb file can be damaged due to any reason like dirty shutdown, virus, system malfunctioning, header corruption, etc. Whatever the reason is, when it comes to fixing a corrupt edb file, you need a utility that can repair the corrupt .edb file.

To help you quickly fix a corrupt edb file, today, we are going to make your life easier by providing you with a list of Eseutil and Isinteg alternative. Plus, we will brief you about what these utilities are and how you can get and use them.
Let’s start!


Eseutil is a free tool from Microsoft that helps you deal with many Exchange Server related issues. With this tool, you can make the server work faster. You can defragment the database, you can restore the database, you can check database integrity, and much more tasks are there that can be performed with the Eseutil tool. Among many functions, the most crucial use of Eseutil is to repair the corrupt EDB file.

Where to find Eseutil tool?

Depending upon the version of Exchange server, the location of this free exchange repair tool may vary, but given below is the easiest way to find this utility:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Versionofexchangeserver\Bin

In this above path,

  • Replace Versionofexchangeserver with the version of your Exchange server, and you will get access to the Eseutil file

The Eseutil tool helps perform two types of recoveries on the corrupt database file, as mentioned below:

  • Soft Recovery: It is the easiest type of recovery that works when there is light corruption in the EDB file.
  • Hard Recovery: Use this type of recovery when you are failed to recover the edb file with soft recovery or when you already know the level of corruption.

Before you use this utility, we suggest you create a backup of your corrupt edb file always, because this free tool may not perform a full recovery. Depending upon the level of corruption, you may lose crucial data. For example, if the corruption was due to log files, you can get the database repaired efficiently, but if it is due to the dirty shutdown, you cannot get a perfect recovery. So, to avoid data loss or to recover from it after running Eseutil, you will need the backup copy.


The second alternative to fix a corrupt EDB file is Isinteg. It is yet another free tool from Microsoft that helps you fix the corrupt edb file. However, it is several limitations; for example, it works best in case of integrity issues.
It is a command line tool, which means you need to be a techy to use this free utility to fix exchange servers’ edb file.

How to use Isinteg tool?
You can execute the below tasks in a given sequence to use this tool:

  • Backup the corrupt edb file: Yes, it is essential. Whenever you use any exchange repair tool, it is suggested to create a backup of the existing edb file, so in case anything wrong happens while the repairing is in the process, you do not regret.
  • Perform dismounting: You cannot take the risk of fixing the edb file unless you dismount it from the server. To dismount the file, access the Database Management tab on Exchange Management Console. And, here you can dismount the database.
  • Check the disk space: When you are using the Isinteg tool, you will need a minimum 20% extra space on the hard disk than the size of the edb file you need to repair. So, make sure that you have sufficient space on the hard drive or the process of will be aborted.

You can use the Isinteg utility to fix only light errors. So, when you are not sure about the level of corruption, you may not consider this tool as a guaranteed solution to repair the corrupt edb file.

Foolproof Alternative solution to repair edb file

As you have seen above, both the Eseutil and Isinteg utilities have many limitations you cannot consider them as the great solution to fix the edb file. So, here we are providing you with an Eseutil and Isinteg alternative.

This alternative solution is third party EDB to PST Converter Tool. It is so far the best solution to fix a corrupt EDB file because it.

  • Does not rely on the level of corruption
  • Can fix EDB file of any size with any corruption
  • Repair edb file that has been damaged due to header corruption, dirty shutdown, or almost any reason
  • Repair and restore files of exchange server and office 365 as well
  • Is easy to use; no need to execute any command or need to be a techy
  • Provides multiple saving options
  • Supports all versions of Exchange server and EDB files

As you know, we can minimize the cause of database corruption, but cannot entirely avoid it we should always be ready with a solution that can help fix database without any technical skills required. The solution should not limit us to the database size, level of corruption, and several other requirements. Both Eseutil and Isinteg are considered useful tools but with many limitations. Moreover, they require high skills similar to the database administrator plus you need a lot of time to execute and use these free utilities. So, to avoid complicated situations, save your time, and ensure perfect exchange database repair, EDB to PST tool is the best Eseutil and Isinteg alternative

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