How to deal with Exchange Server Jet Error 1216?

When Administrators try to mount an Exchange database on the server, sometimes an error message may appear:

‘Error -1216 (JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch)’

What exactly Jet Error 1216 is?

Jet Error 1216 pops out when the header information in the log files and the databases shows that an important file has been removed from the log. Then, the error message appears as “Error -1216 (JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch)”.

Causes of Jet Error 1216

This error generally occurs due to sudden stoppage of a storage group and the subsequent loss of data. After rectifying this error, the storage group may start again but with some data missing. And the consequences are severe:

  1. The missing data or information may not be included in the storage group.
  2. When the storage group starts, the header information will be inconsistent and it will again pop-up Jet Error 1216.

Some other reasons for this error are:

  • Severely corrupt EDB files
  • Network related issues
  • Changes made to crucial files

How to fix Exchange Jet Error 1216?

You can try to resolve this error is using ESUETIL utility. Follow the given steps to resolve this error:

    1. First, you need to look for the files with inconsistencies. For this:
      • In Exchange version 2003, use the command:
        • ESEUTIL /mh <database name>| find /i “consistent”
      • For later versions, use the command:
        • ESEUTIL /mh <database name>| find /i “Shutdown”

      If all the logs are available, you can try to repair the database using Eseutil and Isinteg.

    2. If any of the logs is missing, the complete data recovery is not possible. In that case:
      • Try to mount the database without the missing data.
      • Try to restore the data from the available backups.
      • Try to repair using ESEUTIL /p command, ESEUTIL /d command, and ISINTEG-fix command.
    3. If all the above methods fail, try a professional Exchange Server Recovery tool to recover the data from offline EDB files.

    Recovering inaccessible Exchange data from offline EDB files

    When manual methods fail to fix Jet errors and to retrieve unavailable Exchange data, you can try a reliable third-party EDB to PST Tool. It has two recovery modes—Standard Scan and Deep Scan—to recover data in different situations of corruption.

    This tool restores mailboxes from corrupt EDB files and saves them to PST files. It also exports offline EDB mailboxes to live Exchange and Office 365. And the detailed reports generated by the tool provides the details of all the operations performed.


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